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Planticia Foods was founded in a new tradition of Culinary Nutrition.

We merge the gap between deliciously satisfying food and nutritious goodness. No compromise!


Our delightful products are:


  • Plant-based (vegan friendly)

  • Use whole, natural ingredients

  • Contain no refined sugars



Nuts are a natural source of plant protein and healthy fats
Planticia Foods uses healthy, all-natural ingredients


​​At Planticia, we believe good nutrition does not have to be complicated. In fact, it is very simple. Each of our products is designed with nutrition in mind.


They are sources of things you want in your food:

  • dietary fibre

  • healthy fats

  • minerals, vitamins, and disease-fighting phytonutrients

They are limited in things you don't want too much of:

  • no trans fats

  • no cholesterol

  • limited amounts of natural sugar

  • no chemical additives or preservatives

We Focus on Good Nutrition



​​Planticia was founded by Christine Hotz, PhD.

I started my career in nutrition science, conducting community-based research to learn what people eat, how and why they eat it, and how foods and diets could be nutritionally improved to solve health problems. I spent most of my career working in Africa, Asia, and Central America

In 2019, the world entered a life-changing phase and I redirected my path, choosing to focus my energy on the more applied aspects of food and nutrition. 


Christine Hotz is the creator of Planticia Foods.

Although the pandemic focused our attention on a rampant infectious disease, it happened in the backdrop of another epidemic - that of diet-related chronic diseases like overweight, obesity, type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and cancer. As our medical system buckles under the strain of managing these diseases, there is relatively little support for preventing them and helping people to make healthier choices.



While completing a Diploma program in Culinary Nutrition Management at George Brown College (Toronto, ON), I founded Planticia to contribute to the availability of healthy foods in the local marketplace. I want people to be able to access healthy dietary choices, based on whole plant-based foods, that satisfy their food cravings and desires.


After several years of recipe development and testing, I am so pleased to be able to bring these nutritious and delicious products to the public. I hope you enjoy them!

More from Christine

These plant-based nutrition resources are available for download at the Gilda's Toronto website. Christine is a co-author of The Community Guide to Cancer Nutrition and its Companion Cookbook: Plant-based Cooking for Side Effects of Cancer and its Treatment.

Community Guide to Cancer Nutrition
Companion Cookbook to Community Guide to Cancer Nutrition
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